Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Backup Bowl: JETS vs. Bills

The Week 17 matchup between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills is one of more interest than originally speculated. The Jets have already clinched a playoff spot, and the Bills are only playing for pride, but we will see many backups on both teams trying to make a case for either an expanded role in the playoffs or a reason to have a job next season.

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Current NFL Playoff Picture

Happy New Year everybody! As we go into a New Year, I thought I would try and help everyone understand the situation in the NFL that comes with the New Year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sanchez to Go? Or No?

So it seems that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan still has not decided whether quarterback Mark Sanchez will be playing this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. I think it depends on if his shoulder is really hurt or not. After Sunday’s game, Sanchez said he did not have a tear, but was a bit sore.

If the kid is hurt, no question he should sit. He may not have a good track record after long breaks, but a healthy Sanchez is better than a hurt Sanchez. No need to risk him getting sacked and making whatever injury he has worse.

If he is healthy, then I’d say play him at least a quarter, but at most a half. Let him get a score and stay hot and maybe raise his stats a bit, but after that just let Mark Brunell and other backups take over and lead them to a win over the Bills. Although the Jets can climb to the fifth seed in the AFC Playoffs, it’s not worth risking any injuries. The Jets are already banged up enough (Leonhard, Eric Smith, Ihedigbo, Pryce, Woody) and more guys seem to be going down each week. Give the guys a week or two to get healthy and ready for the playoffs. We know we’re going to need these guys to make a push.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wait, We Made It? WE MADE IT!!!

In an up and down season filled with scandals and drama, it’s fitting that the Jets would find an out of the ordinary way to grab a playoff spot. The Jets lost a very entertaining game Sunday to the Chicago Bears 38-34, but the lining was silver as the Jets clinched a playoff berth thanks to the Washington Redskins knocking off the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime. Graham Gano’s game winning field goal to knock off the Jaguars came just minutes after the Jets’ loss to the Bears while Rex Ryan was starting his post game press conference. Naturally, he was relieved and full of joy.