Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 7 Matchup: JETS vs. BYE

The worst week of the season for Jets fans is upon us, the BYE week. Fortunately though, it is a great help to the players on the team. They get some much needed rest, time to heal, time to relax, and extra time to prepare for the next game. So what have the players been up to on this week off? I went to twitter to find out.

Mark Sanchez is coming off a rough week in Denver, so he should just take some time off and relax right? Clear his head a little? Well he has been doing quite the opposite.

@Mark_Sanchez: RT @Todd_Norman: & @Mark_Sanchez making up a new QB Conditioning Drill during bye week. Haha check it out!!!

Sanchez has been working with Todd Norman of Cutting Edge Sports Training. In this video that was shared on twitter, we see Mark and Todd working on a new quarterback conditioning drill. Of course, our young and hip quarterback is up with the times and into the popular music. Justin Bieber playing in the background. The kid did make fun of Tom Brady, so if Sanchez is comfortable practicing to his music, then I will not question it. Note: Picture perfect throw made at the very end. Always a good thing to see. I am proud to see him hard at work in the bye week. Although, he could be eating better…

Darrelle Revis is using this time off to rest his ailing hamstring.
@Revis24: #OCNN injury report: Taking this weekend to rest the hammy and get back to 100%

I hope this time off is helpful to Revis. It would be great to see him playing as well as he was last year.

Dustin Keller is spending his week off in Manhattan. He’s made a deal with all of his followers that anyone in his area should try and take advantage of:

@DUSTINKELLER81: Everwhere I go to eat Im going to pay for the first one of yall that makes it to the restaurant and says Dustin Keller sent me
@DUSTINKELLER81: Whatever my bill is I'll leave the same amount for y' bring one guest if you'd like..and I'll be in NYC all week..good luck!!!

Nick Mangold went home to Ohio for the week. He’s been his usual twitter addict though. Thinking of names for his very own cereal brand. Sleeping in. Watching TV. I’m almost jealous. It’s always good to be Nick Mangold.

@nickmangold: Wouldn't "Mangolden Grahams" cereal be awesome? Tweet @plbsports and let them know. @russellspielman says so! #mangoldengrahams
@nickmangold: David on #TheApprentice is Andy Bernard on #TheOffice before anger management.
@nickmangold: T-minus 15 mins to The Office! "Ground control to Major Tom". And yes that's how my mind works, scary isn't it?
@nickmangold: There is nothing better than wearing comfy pants at noon-15. Bye week is pleasant when in the great state of Ohio!

Seems like some of the Jets best players are really enjoying their bye week. Hopefully they will all be well rested, have healthy bodies, and clear minds. I’m sure the coaches are enjoying their bye week as well. Rex is definitely having his fair share of snacks, but I hope they have a plan to fix the problems this team has been having the last few games. I’m looking forward to a strong outing at home on Halloween against the injured Green Bay Packers by a rested and rejuvenated New York Jets team.

Special thanks to Erik Manassy and for making my twitter search easier.

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