Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Week 13 NFL Picks

Here are my picks for this week’s NFL Games (with spreads from’s Pigskin Pick ‘Em):

(5-6) Houston Texans at
(7-4) Philadelphia Eagles** -8.5
I fully expect Michael Vick to get the Eagles back on track against one of the league’s worst pass defenses. The Eagles' secondary is hurting though, so Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson can take huge advantage of it. The Eagles can win in a shootout.

(8-3) New Orleans Saints** at
The Saints are finally back in championship form while the Bengals are as bad as they’ve ever been. This should not be close.

(8-3) Chicago Bears** at
(2-9) Detroit Lions +3.5
Detroit is not the spoiler it once was this season. The Bears should easily have their way in this one.

9.5 is a big spread. The Packers should win, but the 49ers are capable of keeping it closer than that.

(5-6) Tennessee Titans -3.5
The Jaguars are playing better football right now. The Titans have way too many problems at the moment.

(3-8) Denver Broncos at
(7-4) Kansas City Chiefs** -8.5
The Chiefs are looking good again and put up big numbers last week. Don’t expect what happened in the last meeting to happen again.

(6-5) Miami Dolphins** -4.5
With Chad Henne playing well, the Dolphins are definitely capable of winning by at least a touchdown. With Jake Delhomme starting, the Browns chances of winning always seem to be lower.

(2-9) Buffalo Bills** at
Not only do I expect the Bills to cover the spread, I expect them to win this game. They’ve been playing very competitive football lately and the Vikings just aren’t good enough to keep up.

(7-4) New York Giants -7.5
Just like last week, I expect the ailing Giants to let this game be closer than it should be. Eli Manning still has enough weapons to win though.

(5-6) Oakland Raiders at
(6-5) San Diego Chargers** -12.5
The Raiders are not the team we thought they were a few weeks ago. We can say the same about the Chargers. They’re ready to take over the division and prove a point this week.

(9-2) Atlanta Falcons** at
The Falcons are way too good for the Bucs to handle. Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White will have an easy time with Tampa.

(1-10) Carolina Panthers** at
(5-6) Seattle Seahawks -5.5
Carolina has the running game to beat the Seahawks. As tough as they are to beat at home, Seattle does not seem willing to win their division.

(5-6) St. Louis Rams** at
The Rams, on the other hand, are playing like they do want to win their division. Sam Bradford has done as outstanding job, while the Cards have had many issues at quarterback this season.

(3-8) Dallas Cowboys at
(6-5) Indianapolis Colts** -5.5
Peyton Manning cannot let the losing streak continue. He’ll step it up and get the Colts back on track this week.

(8-3) Baltimore Ravens -3.5
Each of their last 3 meetings has ended in a 3-point deficit. I cannot decide who I feel will win this game, but I do feel like it will end the same as the last few.

(9-2) New York Jets** at
Just going with my gut on this one.

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