Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Past Week as a Jets Fan

I would like to apologize again to my readers for not keeping up with the blog all week. My first week of classes at my new school has taken some getting used to and I have been very busy. In this post, I would like to share what the past week has been like after the Jets lost in the AFC Championship last weekend.

Something we have all had to deal with this week is a bunch bitter fans of other teams. I’ll make this one point clear: just because we did not win the Super Bowl does not mean we are in the same boat as your team that did not make the playoffs. If believing this will help you sleep at night, then so be it. The Jets made the AFC Championship game for the second season in a row. There is no fan out there that would rather that his or her team got a top five pick than make the conference championship. I would not go out and brag that the Jets lost the AFC Title game, but in no way would I consider that worse than having a top five pick. If you are a Steelers fan and you still feel the need to talk down on the Jets, then you need to get your priorities straight because your team did all the talking that was necessary and you should be looking forward to the Packers.

It has not been easy to watch ESPN this week. We have been constantly flooded with Super Bowl talk and highlights from conference championship weekend. We are reminded each day why the Steelers were able to beat us last week. We all know why it happened; they wanted it more and played the better game. This does not make it any easier to watch it again and again and again though.

It is truly a terrible feeling to know we were so close again and that the team let it slip away. This is no reason to hide your fan hood. If you come into my apartment, you will see all of my Jets stuff (jerseys, newspapers, posters, etc…) still covers the walls and anything Jets is still out in plain view. Jets fans should still be proud of this team. There is no reason to be embarrassed that your team just lost this late into the playoffs. Sure, it is now time to start focusing on your favorite teams in other sports, but there is no reason for your Jets stuff to be put in a box that won’t be opened until September.

One of the worst feelings that I have felt this week is the fear that there could potentially be a lockout for the 2011 NFL season. Whether or not the Jets sign the right free agents and make the right moves in the NFL Draft in April, any football, good or bad, is better than no football at all. The Jets were built to win this season, and barely fell short of their goal. We hope that they will once again be built to win now again in 2011, but we also need a season for them to have the chance. Who knows how everything will work out this offseason, but I can honestly tell you a potential lockout haunts me in my sleep.

There has been some conversation in Jets Nation about whether or not to watch the Super Bowl next week. As football fans, we should all watch the game. Being bitter about the loss may make it tough to watch, knowing the Jets very well could have been playing next Sunday night, but that should not be a reason to miss the biggest game of the year. No championship has an atmosphere like the Super Bowl. It is the Mecca of all sports championships. Even if you can’t bring yourself to root for either team, there is always some money to be won on the Super Bowl. So if you really need an excuse to watch, there it is.

That is about all I have to say tonight. I hope this past week has not been so painful for all of you Jets fans (or any other team that will not be playing in the Super Bowl). Jet fans can enjoy watching D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Darrelle Revis representing the AFC in tonight’s Pro Bowl from Hawaii. Check back soon for more things football and Jets.


  1. i have been reading your blog recently and i just have to say you talk very high and mighty like you know everything.

  2. I'm sorry if it comes off that way, but this is my blog where I post my opinions and views. If I'm not confident in what I believe then there's no point in posting anything.

  3. i have to agree with the first comment in this thread, when you talk about your opinion you can be confident without being so aggressive. There is a difference between that and being confident in your opinion and presenting an argument. The truth is for the most part jets fans are obnoxious (not saying you) when compared to other fans in the league, such as steeler fans. Jet's fans talked A TON of talk the whole season and it makes them seem weak not being able to back it up

  4. i respect that comment. i agree that we seem weak now but that's the risk you take when you decide to talk. jets fans take on the identity of the team and that's how they were. but i do agree with what you're saying but i also think that those of you who have a problem with my attitude in this article have not been following me for so long.