Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Most Depressing Super Bowl Ever

I woke up Sunday morning thinking “Super Bowl Sunday! Time to get excited!... MEH”

That’s when depression hit.

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV on Sunday night. Aaron Rodgers won his first Super Bowl and it is tough to believe he can’t win another. The Steelers jumped out to a quick 24-0 lead over the New York Jets in the AFC Championship, but fell behind a quick 21-3 to the Packers on Sunday night. At the end of the night, Clay Matthews was throwing a championship belt over Rodgers’ shoulder.

How do us Jets fans feel now?

No one can really say what the result would have been on Sunday night had the Jets been playing in the Steelers’ place. Jet fans may feel like they definitely would have won the game, but again, we cannot say for sure. It’s hard not to feel disappointed these last few nights. The Super Bowl was right there; it was in our grasp. The Avenue of the Americas was ready for the parade that should be running through it Tuesday morning. Everything was going as planned, just for it all to come crashing down.

Just imagine; Rex Ryan could have been saying “F*CK YEAH WE DID!” on that podium Sunday night standing next to owner Woody Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbaum, and Super Bowl MVP Mark Sanchez.

Bart Scott could have been having another postgame interview that would go viral on the Internet. “WORTH THE WAIT” he could be yelling in Sal Paolantonio’s face.

Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, and Jerricho Cotchery could be running all over Cowboys Stadium with their arms outstretched like airplanes while wearing their “New York Jets Super Bowl Champions” caps and t-shirts.

Nick Mangold and Dustin Keller could be racing to their cell phones to be the first Jet to tweet about the win.

Antonio Cromartie’s kids could be dogpiling him in the end zone.

Shaun Ellis would then join the team on the podium to get his fingerprints on his Lombardi Trophy and press his lips against its mirror-like surface.

For the first time in my short life, I woke up on Super Bowl Sunday in complete depression. No amount of money won on the game could fix this feeling. No result could make it better. I tried to take the AFC Championship loss in stride. I tried to feel like it was a great season and that I could be proud of my favorite team. As great as it was and as proud as I am, it still was not enough.

The Jets were deserving of a Super Bowl this season. Anyone who is not a Jet fan will instantly contest this, because everyone else HATES the Jets. I can’t blame them. The Jets have a bunch of big mouths and a coach who has no filter. But the fans take on the personality of the team, and I can safely say we had a lot more fun than many others did.

Gang Green fought through all the criticism this season. After a bunch of close games that should not have been close and after some bad losses, the Jets showed everyone who they really are in the playoffs. They took down Peyton Manning after he made them look bad in last year’s postseason. They took down the Patriots who were already being crowned champions. They forgot to show up for the first half against the Steelers, but almost pulled off one of the greatest playoff comebacks in history.

I am not trying to take anything away from the Packers or the Steelers by saying this. Both were much more deserving of a championship after the way they have played in the playoffs. Just because the Jets were a worthy candidate does not mean other teams were any less deserving.

The depression hits even harder with a potential lockout looming. Knowing that there is a possibility the Jets will not get a chance to play in the Super Bowl in 2012, nor will any other team, is a tough reality to face. I could go on about this, but all football fans are feeling the same way about this except maybe Packer fans that have the privilege of enjoying a championship for two years if there is a strike, but I am sure even they would rather lose than not have football.

Knowing that we will all be at least a year older before the Jets get another shot at a Super Bowl run is a feeling that gives me indigestion. I have always hated the offseason because of how long I have to wait for Week 1. Now, I hate the offseason because of how long I have to wait for the AFC Championship. Again, no guarantees that they will make it again, but its tough to feel like the Jets would fall short again.


  1. you are not trying to take away from the steelers or packers, but that is exactly what you are doing by posting this rubbish. I honestly have to say this is one of the most disrespectful things i have seen in a blog in a while. And to be honest the losers always say woulda coulda shoulda what if ? The Packers had a great year and I for one congratulate them.

  2. This is just ignorance at its finest. You clearly did not get the point of the post. The point is that its coming from a Jets fan's point of view. The way we wanted and expected it to be. You clearly had your opinion before reading it and read this with a bad attitude the whole time. This is why I started writing for Bleacher Report instead of just this. At least there we get people who understand what they are reading and where the writer is coming from. This post literally has nothing to do with the Packers or Steelers. I have no idea how you could take that the wrong way. Please, if you are going to read my blog with a bad attitude before reading the material, don't bother reading at all.

  3. little defensive are we ? I would have to agree with the first post here I understand your post was to say we had a chance and all but we blew it. Furthermore I actually feel like this team will now go downhill because we are going to be losing (i think) veterans like taylor for example and our locker room will not be the same.