Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Week 8 NFL Picks

My picks for this week (with the spreads from’s Pigskin Pick ’em):

(2-4) Cincinnati Bengals** -2.5
Miami has not lost a game on the road yet, but Cincinnati knows it needs some wins and there's no better place to start a streak than on their own home turf.

(1-5) Dallas Cowboys** -6.5
Neither team has an answer at quarterback right now, but Kitna is definitely more experienced and has a lot more help.

(1-5) Detroit Lions -2.5
The Redskins are playing good enough football right now and Ryan Torain should have a good game against Detroit’s defense.

(0-6) Buffalo Bills at
(4-2) Kansas City Chiefs** -7.5
Buffalo’s time will come, but not this week. The Chiefs’ ground game is the best in the league playing against one of the worst.

(3-4) St. Louis Rams** -3.5
The Panthers played well last week, but without DeAngelo Williams things get much tougher.

(5-1) New York Jets** -6.5
This game can definitely be closer than the spread, but I do expect the Jets to have enough to win this one.

(2-5) Denver Broncos** at
These two teams are playing like NFL Europa teams lately. This was definitely the right game to send out of the United States. 49ers just aren’t good this year, especially with Troy Smith starting this one.

(5-2) Tennessee Titans** at
The Titans are way too hot right now for the Chargers to handle. Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson will take care of business.

The Bucs are not the best team in the NFC, nor are they the best in their division, but they are better than the Cardinals.

I would not doubt that Favre starts this game, and I also would not doubt that he does not finish it. Moss’s return will not be a good one.

(4-2) Seattle Seahawks** at
(3-4) Oakland Raiders -2.5
Seattle’s rushing defense is the key to stopping Darren McFadden and the Raiders’ hopes of winning.

If the Steelers can put pressure on Drew Brees and hold onto the ball, this game is there’s.

(4-2) Houston Texans at
(4-2) Indianapolis Colts** -5.5
They already let the first one slip away. Don’t expect Peyton Manning to let the Texans win another one. Even without Clark and Collie, he’ll find his targets.

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