Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Week 9 NFL Picks

My picks the last two weeks have obviously not been the best, but that’s no reason to give up. So here I go again with another week of NFL picks. Enjoy! (with the spreads from’s Pigskin Pick ’em):

(5-2) Atlanta Falcons -8.5
I think this one stays close only because they are division rivals. Atlanta is the much more talented team and they need to show that in this game. I believe the Falcons will walk away with the win.

(4-3) Chicago Bears at
(0-7) Buffalo Bills** +2.5
The Bills have been keeping games close against some good teams like the Ravens and Chiefs. This can finally be the week they win one.

(2-5) Cleveland Browns +4.5
Eric Mangini has beaten Belichick before, but those teams were much more talented than his Browns are.

(5-2) New York Jets** at
(2-5) Detroit Lions +4.5
You can read my last article for my explanation of this one.

(3-4) Arizona Cardinals** at
The Vikings as 8.5-point favorites? As bad as the Cardinals have looked, the Vikings have looked much worse and are without Randy Moss now.

(5-3) New Orleans Saints** at
The Saints are coming off a big win over Pittsburgh. They need to keep their momentum going and the Panthers are not the team to stop it.

(4-3) Miami Dolphins at
(5-2) Baltimore Ravens** -5.5
Normally this would have been an easy call for me, but Miami is still undefeated on the road. I am a little hesitant to pick the Ravens, but they are a much better team (and not to mention, healthier) than any other Miami has played as the away team.

(3-5) San Diego Chargers** at
(4-3) Houston Texans +1.5
This is going to be one of the better matchups of the week. Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance and signs of struggle. I think Philip Rivers is the better quarterback and will lead his team to a late score to win the game.

(5-2) New York Giants** at
(4-3) Seattle Seahawks +5.5
Normally I would have picked the Seahawks because they are very tough to beat at home, but the Giants were playing great football before their bye and Matt Hasselbeck will be sitting this one out with a concussion.

(5-2) Kansas City Chiefs** at
(4-4) Oakland Raiders -2.5
As brilliant as the Raiders offense has been lately, the Chiefs are a fine team and can really put Oakland to the test. Oakland is weak against the run, while the Chiefs have the top ranked ground game in the NFL.

(4-3) Philadelphia Eagles** -2.5
The return of Michael Vick can mean great things for the Eagles. Even at home though, I’m shocked to see them as favorite, but they definitely have the ability to pull this one off.

(1-6) Dallas Cowboys at
(5-3) Green Bay Packers** -7.5
The Cowboys just flat out stink right now and the Packers’ defense just came off a big confidence booster. Unless something goes horribly wrong, this shouldn’t even be close.

Cincinnati’s lack of a solid ground game makes it easier for Pittsburgh to stop their impressive passing game. One can never doubt a home team’s ability to win an important primetime game though. It should be close.

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