Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vikings to Waive Randy Moss

Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress announced on Monday that the team intends to waive newly reacquired wide receiver, Randy Moss, on Tuesday. I definitely think this is because of personality issues and not because of performance issues. Here are the places where I think he may end up and why.

Seattle Seahawks – Seattle tried to get Vincent Jackson while he was on the trade block and could use another big receiver.

St. Louis Rams – Their best receiver this season was Mark Clayton until he was placed on IR. They need a solid #1 receiver if they want a chance to win that division.

Miami Dolphins – Giving Chad Henne another big receiver to throw downfield to makes the Dolphins passing game scary and puts less pressure on their ground game.

Washington Redskins – McNabb is a very good deep ball thrower, and Moss is one of the best deep ball receivers.

Kansas City Chiefs – Moss would be the icing on the cake for a surprisingly successful Chiefs team. This would put them far ahead of any other team in the West.

Oakland Raiders – They have an identity crisis for who their #1 wide receiver is. This would answer that question.

New York Jets – It would be cool right? He apparently loves to give away the Patriots tendencies and giving Mark Sanchez another deep threat to go along with Braylon Edwards brings the potential of this offense through the roof. I doubt they claim him through waivers though.

New England Patriots – It would be so fitting that Belichick trades Randy Moss to the Vikings for a 3rd round pick…and Randy Moss.

If I had to name a few others that could use him, but probably won’t even be mentioned, I’d say the Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, and one team that could use him more than any of the others, the Minnesota Vikings. They could always take him back if he clears waivers. Also, Sidney Rice is not ready to come back yet and Percy Harvin has an ankle injury. The Vikings don’t have any wide receivers left to throw to without Moss. Whoever lands Moss after all of this is said and done is getting a very accomplished receiver who can offer a lot to any team, but needs to be motivated by a team that wants him and wants to win.

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